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How do I clean the aquarium after the fish dies?

Question by winnie_pooh_bear28: How do I clean the aquarium after the fish dies?
My betta fish just died this morning. The aquarium really stinks and I was wondering how do you clean the aquarium. Is there anything that you use to clean?

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Answer by Janell T
Pour the rocks out into a colander so they can be rinsed off then use dish soap and water with a soft sponge so you don’t scratch the glass.Rinse it very very well and let it air dry or dry it with paper towel.

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3 Responses to “How do I clean the aquarium after the fish dies?”

  1. zα¢к вαιηєѕ says:

    do a water change a full 100 percent one and rinse through the gravel but leave in your filter media in some water in a bucket while you do it so he bacterica will survive x x x

  2. sunny says:

    a tooth brush and some baking soda -check on the label and see if it says somthing about fishtanks

  3. Eddie C says:

    Once you have emptied your tank, get a bucket of hot water and mix it with aquarium salt (or just table salt) and use an algae scrubber pad (both you can get from your pet store) to clean the glass really well.

    A one-pound box of aquarium salt is very inexpensive.

    Salt does not change the pH of water. It also does not change the hardness, but it’s still best to give the tank a good rinse before introducing new fish.

    You could also use bleach to sterilize the aquarium and accessories that were in the tank … just remember that both must be rinsed very well multiple times, and when you fill your tank, ensure you add dechlorinator or chlorine remover (chemical additive that neutralizes chlorine) to ensure all the bleach is removed.

    Dechlorinator is inexpensive and can also be found at your pet store. Check the instructions which will tell you both how to dose the dechlorinator and how long it should take to be effective.

    This method is quite useful if the tank has been contaminated by a disease or if it’s impossible to clean dried-on algae.

    Hope that helps … and good luck!

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